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The use of this website is subject to the Privacy Policy outlined below, and the user should check its terms on every new use.
This Privacy Policy is intended to provide you with all the information you need to understand our privacy policies. However, if you have any query relating to our privacy practices or this Privacy Policy, please send your questions by email to:customer@eurekashoes.com.

1. Privacy Policy

All users are entitled to the protection of their personal data. EUREKA SHOES, a trademark of Alberto Sousa, Lda, respects its users' rights to information on the collection and processing of their personal data. EUREKA SHOES ensures that personal data is processed in Portugal in an appropriate, lawful manner, in compliance with good practices. This website was designed so that the collection and processing of your personal data is minimised as much as possible and does not exceed the original purpose for which it was collected.


2.1 Your personal data will be collected and processed by EUREKA SHOES only for purposes strictly connected to the use of this site, its services and the purchase of products. However, your personal data may also be used for other processing operations which fall within the limits of such uses:
a. Whenever you purchase products sold on this site, we collect your personal data (for instance, password, shoe size, email address, delivery address, credit card number and telephone number) in the purchase form, only for the purposes of selling, sorting and shipping the products ordered.

b. Whenever you request customer care, we collect your personal data (for instance, name, email address) in order to provide the online store Customer Support services that are relevant for this site and the assistance requested;

c. Whenever you record a delivery address, we collect your personal data in order to simplify the processing of future orders.

2.2 Your personal data will only be passed on to third parties when needed to process an order. Your personal data will be disclosed in the following situations:
a. Electronic payment services by credit or debit card;

b. Processing of purchased products;

c. Selecting, packaging and shipping articles;

d. Resolving issues or questions related to the sale of products;

e. Processing payments for articles purchased;

f. Processing the return of articles.


Your personal data can be disclosed to third parties that provide specific services, such as external entities subcontracted by EUREKA SHOES. No disclosure will exceed the purpose for which your personal data was collected and subsequently processed. Your personal data can also be disclosed to third parties in order to:
a. comply with applicable law;
b. respond to legal and governmental enquiries;
c. comply with valid legal proceedings;
d. protect the rights or property of EUREKA SHOES.
Moreover, your personal data will not be disclosed to third parties without your knowledge or consent, when this is required by law, except in the cases provided for in this document.


EUREKA SHOES uses automatic data collection systems such as cookies. A cookie is a device transmitted to the hard disk of an Internet user. Although cookies do not contain intelligible information, they allow us to link an Internet user to their personal data. Cookies are disclosed by our servers and no-one can access the information they contain. Only EUREKA SHOES can access the information collected by cookies, in a collective and anonymous way, to optimise its and this website's services for the needs and preferences of our users and prepare customised web pages.

Acceptance of our automatic data collection procedures and the use of cookies is required to make the most of the many resources and services offered through this website, including the purchase of products. If you configure your browser to block or erase cookies, we cannot ensure that you will have access to all the resources and services offered through this website (for instance, your computer may not be able to display the image of the product you are trying to buy). 

We will use cookies for features such as catalogue browsing, online purchase of products and service provision reserved for registered users.


Personal data processing by EUREKA SHOES will comply with current Portuguese law. Purchase and sale contracts for products through this site are governed by Portuguese law.


EUREKA SHOES may amend or update this Privacy Policy at any moment, in part or in full, even if not required by applicable law and regulations. Any amendments and updates will become effective after their publication in this section of the site. You should therefore access this section regularly to check the updated version of our Privacy Policy.


All the contents in this site are the exclusive property of EUREKA SHOES, such as text, images or any other non-third party type of information. As such, they are protected by the Intellectual Property Code. EUREKA SHOES reserves the right to make changes to these contents at any time, without prior notice to users.


This website may contain links to third-party sites ("linked sites"). Linked sites are not controlled by EUREKA SHOES, and EUREKA SHOES is not responsible for the content of any Linked Site.



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